Interactive repair and vehicle damage control for your fleet

  24-hour, 365-day driver hotline for mobility across Europe

  Interactive and digital via web and app

 Over 8,000 certified service partner companies nationwide

 Nationwide, major customers negotiated conditions

How do you reduce your damage quote?

More than 80% of the fleets (users) in the market are not specifically controlled and thus record demonstrably high cost and loss ratios.

That's why our cloud-based claims management solution has developed an interactive and modern workshop control system for repairs, vehicle damage, car glass and leasing returns.This ensures all repairs are directed to the correct, pre-defined partners within our service network and that a cost-effective approach is followed. This will be in line with the agreed parameters and processes set by you.

In the accident claims area, we can very quickly assess and control the damage promptly via our KI solution . We combine artificial and human intelligence into a successful interaction.We handle these mostly time-consuming and expensive vehicle cases faster, more cost-effectively, more transparently and more efficiently for your vehicle fleet, including the complete claims processing and regulation.

For this purpose, we access more than 8,000 certified service partners throughout Germany and, with a modern IT infrastructure, immediately network all those involved in the coordinated process right up to appraisers or lawyers.

The aim is to accelerate the process significantly once the incident has been reported to make it more enterprise- and employee-friendly and to reduce costs effectively - without any loss of quality or service.

Our certified service network consists of 8000 partner workshops nationwide.

Interactive 24 hours control

We will direct your employee’s to FIE’s certified network when repairs are required. This includes accident repairs, glass and tire replacement/repair and breakdown recovery where needed. We will also source a rental vehicle should it be required. This will be controlled under one process for all parties involved.

Optimize and accelerate processes

We accelerate the processing of car accident damage and repairs significantly and cost-effectively, as well as making them more user- and business-friendly.

Intelligent mobility

All our forms of mobility run cloud-based through our FIE platform, i. Process and workflow oriented and digitally controlled. This provides innovative, implementation-relevant optimization for your fleet and businessHere are very innovative implementation-relevant optimization potential for your fleet and your company.

Our cloud-based claims management solution

The easiest way to get access to all claims and reports.

Our services

24H mobility hotline

User mobility hotline Europe-wide - interactive control - always the agreed process

Smart shopping platform

Certified service networks - nation wide major customer conditions - digital networking

Motor vehicle claims management

Complete car damage handling and regulation of cases


Commercial and technical controlling of all documents - very high added value for your company

Artificial intelligence

AI tools for fast damage assessment and approval

Management solutions

Customized car insurance and risk management solutions for your fleet

Accident Reporting via APP or Web




Optimize your costs in claims management.

Advantages in time and euros.

Nationwide pick-up and drop-off service, towing and Class A rental car mostly free of charge. Our certified FIE service networks are well below the average local Dekra hourly rate.

Additional benefit

Technical controlling of all documents, such as KVA, expert reports + invoices - we open up a very high cost-saving potential in the fleet sector here. Complete electronic invoicing of all receipts and invoices - only one supplier for your accounting - also possible throughout Europe.

Full cost analysis

24/7 access to view the current expenses, costs and budget including the possible benchmarks for the areas.


All processes and data streams are available promptly, online and digitally. Predefined real-time reporting - always up to date and always available in the FIE system according to customer requirements.

Outsourcing with us

Reduce operating costs and costs for your mobility, travel and fleet department.Very high process cost savings per case. Increase the productivity and full satisfaction of your employees by using the latest technology in the FIE system.

Risk + Car insurance solutions

The perfect extension to claims management.We investigate the damage profiles of vehicle fleets and develop concepts with the aim of measurably reducing the loss frequencies.Thus, from your data, actionable processes that lead to high cost savings.

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More About Us

Fleets International Enterprises is an independent mobility management service provider with headquarters in Germany and offices worldwide. We help clients optimize their mobility strategies at every stage - from purchase to payment (PtP) - we provide comprehensive mobility services that cover the entire needs of the employees and the company. Together with our outstanding solutions, technologies and consulting, we bring our clients to exceptional results.

Through our many years of local and international experience, we have set ourselves the goal of offering our customers an innovative and transparent damage network, which not only significantly reduces the costs, but also the time required for each claim. This solution is being developed by FIE every day without having to rest on its previous successes.